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Union households: lawmakers must protect our pharmacy benefits


New research out today from CAPD, conducted by Hart Research Associates, shows how strongly union households value their benefits – and that they worry that efforts to undermine them will hurt their families. In fact, more than 65% of union households said they would oppose proposals that would impact their current benefits. The results come as Congress considers changes that could undermine the pharmacy benefits on which millions of union households rely. 

94% of union households told researchers they believe it is important that unions can provide stable, comprehensive health insurance and prescription drug coverage. Additionally, 83% are highly concerned about policies that would increase the amount that they pay for health care and prescription drugs, while- 77%  of union households say lower wages, less take home pay, and more stress on family budgets from higher prescription drug costs are the most important reasons to oppose these policies.

It is clear that union households are protective of their pharmacy benefits. 66% said that they would oppose policies that impact existing union health care contracts. And what’s more, union families recognize where to place blame: 71% said that they believe the prices pharmaceutical companies charge for prescription drugs are unreasonable.

These findings come as a group of nearly fifty of America’s leading unions and business groups have expressed serious concerns to Congressional leaders over provisions in current legislation that would weaken their ability to provide benefits under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). These proposals could raise the cost of health care for millions of hard-working union members and put their hard-earned benefits at risk.

Their message is clear: union households value their benefits, and they would oppose policies that weaken them. With many bills circulating in Congress that would do exactly that, members of both houses should take pause before they weaken the benefits that America’s working families rely on to stay healthy. 

Read the full research memo here, and CAPD’s press release on our website.